We view a programme / curriculum and Academy as more or less the same thing.


Legacy Learning Solutions has great experience in designing and developing programmes to address specific business performance issues that need to be rectified, or that you need your staff to grasp, to enable the business to achieve its vision and mission.


We will help you develop a programme that:


  • comprises the necessary learning experiences to achieve the business performance objective of the programme;

  • integrates learning experiences when appropriate to ensure the integration of the learning;

  • allows for specialisation where necessary;

  • is cutting edge in terms of what research into the science of learning tells us what works or does not work;

  • is efficient in its approach without sacrificing effectiveness;

  • is change management and internal communications enabled;

  • recognises staff that are already competent to the required standard (allowing them to bypass these modules);

  • uses summative application assessments to ensure staff are competent to the required level; and

  • can be evaluated against the original business objectives for the programme.


We can also help you execute the programme fully or in part.


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