Imagine a learning solution that impacts your business and its staff today, tomorrow and as long as you need it.

Legacy Learning Solutions uses our almost 20 years of experience and research from evidence of what works in learning to design and develop learning that is relevant, performance-centric and cost effective (great learning does not need to break the bank).


We’ll focus first and foremost on your needed performance outcomes before working with you to understand what kind of solution will work in your context and that will make you look good.

We’ll then design a cutting-edge learning solution that draws on the science of what works in learning and uses approaches that will work in your organisation. Where necessary, we’ll help design a change and communication strategy that will ensure all your stakeholders are on board and support the programme. If additional factors, outside of the learning solution, are identified, we have additional sets of expertise that can be used to ensure the success of the solution. Where we lack the necessary expertise, we can draw upon our extensive local and international network to provide a solution that addresses the needs.


We have the skills and expertise to craft facilitated, blended and digital learning solutions that work! Again, we use the science of learning to craft these solutions at a cost that you can afford.

Technologically we have the ability to develop the following learning:

  • facilitated learning
  • elearning
  • mobile learning
  • animation
  • video
  • audio
  • infographics