How do you know if the learning solution has resulted in competent staff (i.e. staff who are using the learning consistently in the workplace to the benefit of the business)?

Is your learning function delivering what you expect? Is it as effective, efficient or as cutting edge as you think it can be? Let us audit your function to determine its effectiveness, efficiency and relevance.

Let us help you:

  • design and develop the assessment tools necessary to determine if your staff are truly competent after the learning experience;
  • conduct the required assessments for you;
  • design and develop the moderation tools necessary to determine if the assessments carried out by your staff or other assessors reflect what is being reported;
  • conduct a moderation of an assessment;
  • identify the success factors that resulted in certain staff members being declared competent so you can build these factors into future learning experiences, programmes and assessments;
  • identify if the assessment and moderation carried out was as effective and efficient as possible; or
  • qualitatively audit your learning function to determine its effectiveness, efficiency and / or relevance.